3 Things to Know - 10/5/18

Before you step out the door today, here are three things you have to know about the FFA.

1. The FFA has gathered a team of 20 scientists from around the globe to find a better way to air travel. Instead of a flight costing over $1,000 round-trip, it may be lowered to just $500 with technology that the scientists are designing. If the project goes through, it will certainly benefit everyone.

2. The FFA is planning on building a bridge somehow connecting the Farlands to Madonna. The FFA will be creating an artificial island to connect the Farlands to Madonna. The project currently has a budget of 50 billion Forbers, so it's expected to be completed within three years.

3. Forther City road paving is almost complete. With 90% of all needed-to-be paved roads wholly paved, it's no surprise that commutes are getting shorter as traffic opens up. This is excellent news for residents who are now enjoying the newly-paved roads.


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