A Prediction on Hurricane Michael

Picture by NASA on Unsplash

On Monday, October 8, 2018, Hurricane Michael, as a Category One hurricane struck Western Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. It is also expected to hit the U.S. Gulf Coast of Mexico on Wednesday. The landfall is anywhere anticipated from Mobile, Alabama to North Western Florida. According to the National Hurricane Center, they say wherever it strikes, life-threatening storm surge is possible. Well-built homes will be incinerated by Wednesday. Fallen trees will block roads. Water will be scarce, and communication will be unavailable. Florida's governor activated 500 National Guard Troops to help with recovery. If this storm overpowers and embraces and charges northeast of Florida, forecasters say that it could cause additional problems for North and South Carolina. This hurricane also is expected to go to where Hurricane Florence use to take place, which was roughly a month from now. We only have to wait to see what happens next.


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