After Big Storms Hit, Countries are Recovering

Just two weeks ago, a deadly hurricane slammed into TL, GU, and the FFA. Originating in the Farlands, the cyclone was tracked in the Southern part of that region and was expected to hit the mainland in a week. The Farlands suffered minor damage, but as the hurricane continued, it gained strength and slammed into the Clover Islands. However, the Clover Islands still didn't hurt much damage. Finally, the storm reached maximum power and slammed into the TL and GU coast, flooding many parts of their coastal cities. TL was able to withstand some damage due to the early preparation of the hurricane. Next, the cyclone hit the FFA and slammed into Parapent and Ambaka for the first two hours. However, the FFA was able to prepare ahead of time for the hurricane preventing many areas from possible flooding. Now, countries are recovering building back homes that were lost and donated supplies to those who lost everything. The storm did not hit Madonna, Dragonia, Uganda, and Civilization but people are still chipping in from all of these countries or continents. As disaster relief efforts go on, states are expected to recover soon.


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