All About Tortoises

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There are many different types of tortoises so that I will tell you about a few, including the African Spurred Tortoise, Aldabra Tortoise, Leopard Tortoise, and the

Russian Tortoise.

The first tortoise is the African Spurred Tortoise. It is the largest tortoise in Africa and the third biggest in the world! These turtles can grow to the size of a large dog! They live in the desert and camouflage easily with their golden-brown color. These tortoises are herbivores.

The next tortoise is the Aldabra Tortoise. They are also one of the biggest tortoises, weighing around 550 pounds. Some of them have lived to 200 years. These tortoises can be found at the islands above Madagascar called Aldabra Atoll. These tortoises are mostly herbivores but eat on some kinds of insects, as well as plants, flowers, and greens.

The next tortoise is the Leopard Tortoise. That is the one featured in the picture. It can grow to a foot and a half long, and weigh as much as a 4-year-old! They can be found in South Africa, and in DR Congo. They are herbivores and eats prickly pear cactus, grasses, and old bones for calcium.

The next tortoise is the Russian Tortoise. These tortoises have been called the Afghanistan Tortoise, or the steppe tortoise. They are usually found in deserts or sand. The best diet for them is flowers and plants because fruits are too high in sugar. Their lifespan in the wild is 100 years, but the average lifespan in captivity is half of that.

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