Apple is releasing a budget friendly iPhone X.

Photo by Rob Eradus from Pexels

Apple is releasing a new iPhone in October, and everybody is talking about it.

To be specific, the one I'm looking at is the iPhone XR. Starting at just $749. It seems to have all of the critical features of an iPhone X. Face ID, a full display, a high definition camera, but is it worth it? And what makes it so much cheaper in the first place? Because I think that we can all agree that the iPhone X is overpriced at $999.

Apple's website claims that the iPhone XR will have an "innovative" backlight design which supposedly allows the screen to stretch far into the corners. Apple claims that the screen will have "true-to-life" color too. The display of the iPhone XR is a 6.1" display with features such as wide color gamut, true tone, and more. It's also supposed to have exceptional materials and vibrant color, complementing aluminum bands, and the wireless charging feature we all know and love on the iPhone X. Some other key features are Face ID, an A12 chip, and the revolutionary camera.

Now, is it worth it? When I got my iPhone 6, it was $200. But the iPhone XR starts at $749. However, it might actually be worth it for the specs. The camera is excellent, the screen doesn't look bad, and overall, it seems like a polished device. It also has a faster core than my current iPhone 6. In general, the iPhone XR is made for people who do a lot with their phones. If you text, call, take photos, browse the web, edit, work, and play on your phone, then it's worth the money.


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