As Privacy Gets More Important to Americans, Google Takes Action

Photo by lalo Hernandez on Unsplash

Privacy has become a big concern this year. Google has received criticism for selling user information to third parties. They've also been supplying our information to governments. People also don't like the use of targeted advertising, thinking that using their data to manipulate them into doing something isn't right. That's what's been urging so many to opt out of big companies such as Alphabet and Facebook and instead find other services instead of theirs. For example, DuckDuckGo is now a popular alternative to Google Search. DuckDuckGo has only recently started to gain publicity, mainly because of privacy concerns this year. DuckDuckGo blocks trackers which track your information, targeted ads that you may see, and gives 'unbiased results.' The company's searches have increased tremendously recently. DuckDuckGo isn't the only competitor with Google. People are switching to programs such as Vimeo, Firefox, FastMail, LastPass, and more.

Now, after Alphabet reports lower earnings than estimates expected, Google is getting their policies out there. I've seen this whenever I open a new tab in Chrome, where on the bottom, there's a small piece of text saying "Control Your Data in Google Search." When you click on it, it opens up a tab with a video explaining how Google uses your information to get search results relevant to you. After watching their video, Google tracking my info doesn't seem so bad. Knowing that I'm getting lots of Google services at no cost and that I'm getting search results that know what I want to find is worth sacrificing some information for. This is probably the first step Google is taking to get their users back. With Google's reach to almost everyone in the U.S., they might be able to get their users back with the right marketing strategy. Alphabet might even report high earnings if they get the word out correctly. But for now, Google is losing, and only they can revive themselves.


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