Astronomers Discovered an Unknown Planet, "Kepler-1625b "

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Photo by Pixabay in Pexels

A few weeks ago, astronomers discovered a new exomoon 8,000 light years away from Earth. This star was named Kepler-1625b, a very unusual name for a star. This "exomoon" was roughly about the size of Neptune. Astronomers have had success in locating these exomoons, and these types of moons are sophisticated to pinpoint. The moon, which orbits an enormous exoplanet is also almost the size of our gas giant, Neptune. The moon is twice the size of the earth's moon. The planet that the possible exomoon orbits, Kepler-1625b, is several times the mass of Jupiter, which means their mass ratio is similar to earth's and its moon. Scientists believed the star system was approximately 10 billion years old. They also measured the temperature of this exomoon is 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Let's see what will happen next to this exomoon.


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