Balkan Alliance Fights Madonna Crisis

Today the Balkan Alliance (Grand Union, Mango, And Mafialand fought the Madonna Crisis which isn’t the Balkan Alliance Vs. Madonna Countries who fund mainland rebels. Like Pickle Land and Harry Potter Land. Yesterday they landed in HP and today they had the first major battle at the capital of HP on the coast called Operation High Tide. Operation High Tide started today by capturing the H.P.P. Potter on a Hostage Rescue Of Two GU POWS. The mission was successful with no Balkan casualties. Operation High Tide is expected to continue. After Operation High Tide GU, MG, And ML were headed down to Pickle Land for Operation Elizabeth and hopefully will end the Madonna Crisis, but HP and PL will not be wiped off the map. GU says after this war they will need to upgrade their economy with Edward (Edward Catch Phrase: Smart Enough To Take Over the World but Nice Enough Not to). And Tasty Foods and other various companies such as Louis Wood and Banana Top.

That's It For Today!

-Jack Montgomery


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