Brave: A Perfect, Private Browser

Updated: Apr 10

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So, once again, I am writing about browsers. This time, it's about Brave. Brave is a browser that not many people know about, and I decided to switch to it after privacy concerns with Microsoft Edge. I don't regret turning, and it has everything the perfect browser I think would have.

Image courtesy of Brave


Privacy concerns these days are widespread. Do you own a smart speaker? That might be spying on you. What about your phone? A malicious app on there could be listening in on your conversations. Now, while these examples have nothing to do with a browser, privacy comes into play on your everyday internet users with the trackers on the web that follow you around, draining your battery and costing you in privacy and data charges. Brave blocks these trackers, like many other browsers. Cookies are another way websites follow you wherever you go, even when you're not using them! I use an extension called Cookie AutoDelete, deleting cookies automatically as I browse. That's how you take back your privacy! Oh, and another big thing is that on Brave, you can hide your IP address, or "the web address that you can be tracked from." Simply open a private window with Tor, masking your location through the web. Now that's private!


A fast browser is essential. It helps you get day-to-day tasks done quickly and easily. Most browsers these days are fast. Of course, Internet Explorer days are over, but I found the New Edge to be faster than Chrome, the browser I had been using for years. Now, Brave seems just as fast as Edge. They claim for websites to be up to 2x faster than Chrome and Firefox. Having been a daily user of those two browsers, I can confirm that's true.

Brave Rewards

Brave Rewards is probably my favorite part about Brave. You get paid for your attention. You can choose to opt-out of this, but the way it works is that your attention is calculated on websites with ties to Brave. You earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), Brave's currency, depending on your attention. You can also earn BAT from Brave's privacy-respecting ads that get pushed out to you every once in a while. You can also add to your Brave wallet to get BAT. At the time of writing, 1 BAT is about 13 U.S. cents. So, what can you do with BAT? Support your favorite creators! Users on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, or even websites (like the can sign up for BAT tips. This way, people who enjoy their content can send them tips!

The Little Things

There are little things in Brave that make it a perfect browser. Built-in file viewer, for example, unlike Firefox that directs me out to another application. There's a very friendly user interface, and all your favorite extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Brave supports adding your own crypto wallets and has all the normal features you'll find in a browser such as a search history. It has a dark mode that I really appreciate, and don't forget the beautiful New Tab page (see image below).

Overall, Brave feels like a really minimalistic browser and privacy-protecting browser, though I do recommend using DuckDuckGo as a search engine for more privacy! It's simple, clean, and has great features, which makes me beckon that it's the best browser out there.

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