California Prevents Waiters from Giving Customers Plastic Straws

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Jerry Brown, the governor of California, proposed to make it illegal for dine-in restaurants to hand out plastic straws to customers and the bill passed through. Instead of plastic straws, the waiters can give them paper or metal straws. The customers can still ask to get the plastic straws, but with different straw options being offered to customers, this will cut down on plastic waste. However, fast food and convenience stores can still give plastic straws to customers. If dine-in restaurants even hand out one plastic straw to customers, they will get fined $25 per day and up to a maximum of $300 annually. Governor Brown says that using plastic straws can harm the planet. The new law makes customers think about an alternative. According to the San Francisco Chronicles, the new law won't make it a significant difference in reducing litter. We'll have to find out soon if this statement holds true.


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