Faromebooks Officially Banned

FFA President Alan Tai bans Chromebooks early Tuesday morning.

Faromebooks Now Banned

Earlier this morning, FFA president Alan Tai banned Faromebooks after an investigation found that Faromebooks were useless. It showed that only Farome could be used as a browser and many apps were not downloadable. In a statement, Alan Tau told FFA Times that, "Faromebooks serve no purpose. Whether its for downloading apps or something else, they're useless." He also claims that Faromebooks violate rights and restrict the online freedom for FFA citizens. He hopes that other nations will follow his lead.

Word has not gotten out yet about how remaining Chromebooks in the FFA will be destroyed. The FFA will be shutting down FaFa's servers going into the FFA directed towards laptops. What do you think about this? Leave a comment!


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