Civilization: What Happened?

Civilization. It's the country located in the corner of the FFA that used to belong to the FFA. It shares a border with Uganda, the FFA, and Dragonia. The question is, what happened to them? It seems as if they've completely disappeared from media and there's been no contact with the leader of Civilization for months. There is no information on anything inside of Civilization. All we know is that their capital is just one simple word that is for some, their first word. Apple. Why would a country be named civilization and have a capital named apple? We don't even know how many people live in Apple or Civilization! We got in touch with the FFA President and he said that, "I don't have any contacts for Civilization. It really is a mystery." Some FFA citizens have went as far as creating a website to claim back Civilization. As of August 16, over 15,000 people have signed it. The fate of Civilization is unknown for now.


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