Company Creates Huge Amusement Park Near Parapent

A company called FaEntertainment Inc. has just completed construction on a new amusement park about 20 miles Southeast from Parapent. This new amusement park is a whopping 172 acres, and it includes the park itself, a water park, 4 hotels, 132 restaurants, 1 resort, and over 300 different rides. This new amusement park is within close proximity to Turtlelandia and the GU which makes a great location. This is going to bring about 5,000 tourists to the park every day. This new amusement park is also now the largest in the world, making it a sight to see. The amusement park is called FaPark and is already becoming popular with children. In fact, we interviewed a child who plans on going to FaPark in the next month. He said "FaPark looks rad! I mean, I can't wait to go there. I've literally been begging and begging my mom to let me go to FaPark and guess what, she actually just bought tickets online like two days ago! Like, I am so wanting to go to FaPark. It is literally going to be amazing!" Well, it looks like that people are FaPark! Are you going to FaPark? Well I am!


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