Daily FFA News for 9/24/18

Just near Portree, a major car accident has caused highways to the city to close down. The FFA Government is now concerned with the lack of transportation options to Portree and is planning on solving it in the next few months.

Forther City Congress has just passed a law imposing a $500 fee for anybody caught littering cigarette butts. The bill is now heavily enforced throughout the city and is helping to keep pollution away from the Turtle River. Also, the city has already raised $1,000,000. The money will help support Pay What You Wish museums such as the Forther City History Museum.

A video of an old lady dancing has just gone viral across the world. The woman's name is Heather Foreman, and she lives outside Parapent. In a statement, she said "I just wanted to look cool. My grandsons said that I would look cool if I did that."

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