Day 1: Designing the Robot and Building the Frame

Photo by Phi Hùng Nguyễn on Unsplash.

We have officially begun building our robot. First, we did some slight brainstorming and then we got to work. We started with panels and added some small pieces in between to get the frame. That's done! Now durability. Our personal strategy for seeing if the frame/robot is strong enough is by dropping it at heights. We tried at 1 foot. Pass. 2 feet? Pass. 3 feet? Pass. 4 feet? Not quite. The frame shattered into 4 pieces that we now had to reassemble. Was there any hope in trying to make it stronger? We looked over our design and we saw that we hadn't connected the middles of our 5x7 frame module to the panels. We quickly took some black pegs and connected them for extra stability. Now for the drop test. After passing the first 3 feet, we tried dropping it at 4 feet and to our surprise, nothing shattered. Then, we did the ultimate challenge. 4 feet was good enough, but 5 feet would mean that our frame would certainly be sturdier than everyone else's. We held up the frame from approximately 5 feet and let go. It hit the ground with a loud thump and when we looked down, everything was still as one piece. Perfect! We had made a great frame and now, it was time to start with the motors, which we have started a bit already as you can see in the picture below. You can find more about what we're building in the next article.


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