Dear Apple, You're Drunk

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Apple, I've had enough of your jokes. There's so much I can write about you, and I will write about you.

1. MacBooks

MacBooks are a joke. But they're the biggest joke out of all of Apple's products. I used to love MacBooks with their wide selection of ports, modern design, technologies in the MacBook, the mystical glowing Apple logo, and MagSafe. They were terrific for business and people who had to work online often. They cost a grand or more, but for a lot of people, that was completely worth it. Fast forward to today: MacBook. The word is just meaningless to me now. Apple is so focused on the design of their new MacBook Pros that they forgot the most important part, the functionality. Where did all the ports go? Looks like now you need dongles and if you buy them from Apple, just a USB-C to SD Card Reader dongle is $39. MagSafe and the glowing Apple logo, that was taken away presumably to make it as thin as possible. What about the Touch Bar? That must be a grand technology, right? Well, other than typing emojis, it isn't utilizing the space correctly. Many apps aren't taking full advantage of it, and it could be an inconvenience to reach up to the top of the keyboard to do something in an app. MacBooks were designed for people who work hard, and for people like programmers, they use the top keys all the time and have to have that tactile button to press when programming or else they'll be making mistakes all the time. Speaking of buttons, the third generation Butterfly keyboard. Ah yes, still couldn't get it right after THREE GENERATIONS. The demand to make the laptop thinner has ultimately caused problems for tons of users. Recently, Apple announced an "apology" for its MacBook keyboard problems which only affected a "small" number of users. But are they actually apologizing? They didn't offer any tips on what you should do with this problem, and they said it was a "small number of users." Keep in mind that the newer MacBooks can be thousands of dollars, but you're paying for crap, not quality.

2. iPhones

Phones are Apple's leading industry. Apple's iPhone X models are the problem here. Let's talk about the iPhone XR, Apple's budget phone. Budget phone. BUDGET phone. At $750, is that a budget? Assuming that somebody earns $15 an hour and works 12 hours a day, you would have to work four days and not spend money on ANYTHING during those four days to ALMOST be able to afford the iPhone XR. Next, the LCD display. LCD is excellent for most people unless you're used to OLED displays. But still, for $750 I expect at least an AMOLED display. The real problem here is the ppi (pixels per inch). The iPhone XR does have a Liquid Retina display, but in reality, that means "this phone has a worse display than any of our phones from previous years so we're going to give it a fancy name so people will buy it." The display on the iPhone XR is 326 ppi. Considering that's the same resolution you would find on the iPhone 4, you can see that it's a horrible display. After that, the iPhone XR doesn't even have 3D Touch, which I have to admit is one of Apple's best technologies they've made. Again, for the price of the phone, I expect 3D Touch. The iPhone XR is the thickest phone since the 5C, and that only makes me wonder, why couldn't they fit more tech in that phone? I could go on forever and ever about the iPhone XR from thick bezels to only one camera, but I should end it here. The iPhone XS and XS Max are just not revolutionary and are the iPhone X with higher prices (and fast charging which costs $80+ extra). Also, good job to Samsung with the XS and XS Max displays! You can see why the iPhone lineup is not like it used to be, and Apple is selling fewer phones but charging more. If you think that I'm just biased towards Apple and they had to cut down on some stuff for the iPhone XR, see the video right under this sentence. A $300 phone outperforming a $1500 one. WOW.

3. Other Complaints

Now, it's time to skim through other products. HomePod? Complete joke with the smart assistant. Only benefits are the design and speaker which you can achieve with Echo and Google Assistant. AirPods? Ergonomics don't fit everyone and overpriced. Compare them to Galaxy Buds which have a universal shape with better sounding speakers which falls under the AirPods price. Magic Mouse and Keyboard? Purchase something at the same price such as a gaming mouse or mechanical keyboard, and you'll see how much better they feel. Apple Watch? It's a pretty nice product, but you are getting pushed into the ecosystem and will start buying more Apple products! Their new credit card and subscription services? They'll probably get beaten by better subscriptions or better cards, and if they don't, they'll start putting you deeper into the ecosystem. Apple returns? Overpriced scams!

Apple is growing careless. It's no longer what it used to be, and it's become an overpriced accessory brand. You're paying for the Apple logo, not quality. But the truth is, Apple's real competitor is themselves. Their new devices are now so bad that most stick to or purchase older Apple devices from the 2015 MacBooks to the iPhone 6s Plus. Until Apple changes their attitude, they won't be getting of my money any time soon.

As a side note:

Dear Newsela, next time you let a fourth grader step into the iOS vs. Android battle, here's a few things. First, Samsung is not Android. Tons of people think this, and it's upsetting. Don't forget about other phone manufacturers like HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, ZTE, and many more. Second, a pen shouldn't be the reason a phone is better than another. Give some more reasons, as this only makes what people hate Android users. Maybe talk about other innovations from top of the line displays in Android phones to great cameras or perhaps extended-lasting batteries. Anyways, it's nice that Newsela is letting kids around America write for them but make sure it's terrific writing, no offense.


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