Did the FFA Nuke the World?

There's an internet controversy after a conversation between world leaders was supposedly "leaked." The conversation went as the following "Remember when the FFA nuked the world?" the FFA PM said. "Yeah I remember." the GU PM said. The conversation goes on, and the reportedly talked about nuking the world and how they reversed time to fix the disaster. There were messages even stating the downfall of the FFA, and citizens being evacuated. FFA and TL messages were also leaked, indicating that they may have time-traveled back in time to supposedly "fix the world and stop more disasters from happening." More messages revealed more surprising news that would never have been thought of. Was Forther City "underwater" and was Ambaka on "fire"? And was Parapent supposedly "being looted"? An investigation was done, and these messages were proven to be sent by the actual leaders. What does this mean? Are we in for trouble? The media is frantic to know, and as soon as we get answers, we'll be back with our results.


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