Dragonia's New Cuisine at Tasty Foods

The less talked about Dragonia's cuisines is making some incredible news. For example, Dragonia's Tasty Foods has added one of the food favorites there have made it to the top bites in the world. It was placed at number #3 healthiest delight and #4 best food rated by customers. It was also The second highest bought produce in Dragonia! The meal is called "The Dragon's Dish" and is now a sensation around the country. Tourists are flocking into the country, wanting a bite of this top-rated dish. As the hype rises on social media, people all over the world are begging Tasty Foods to bring the dish to their countries. However, Tasty Foods has made an official statement that this meal will be exclusive to only Dragonia. TF's stocks are rising substantially, and many investors are pleased about this hype as well. This worldwide sensation will surely not die out anytime soon.


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