Echo Dot (3rd Generation) to be Released on October 11th

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

The Echo Dot is one of the most popular smart homes out there. With Alexa, an intelligent virtual assistant it's undoubtedly a great device. However, Amazon is releasing the 3rd Generation of the Echo Dot in October. Is it worth buying? Some significant changes to this new Echo Dot are its design. It's similar to the Google Home, with a fabric covering around the outside. This will give the new Echo Dot a smooth, circular shape. It's also going to have an improved speaker, supposedly 70% better than the 2nd Generation. The Echo Dot will include all of the essential features of Alexa such as music, news, information, and more according to Amazon's page about the new Echo Dot. Also, the new Echo Dot has the feature of calling almost anyone for free, which is a feature we all love (am I right!) The Echo Dot also allows you to control smart home devices with Alexa. In the purest form, Alexa is still the same. The main changes are with the design and speaker. However, as someone who has never owned an Echo device before, I may buy it in the future. Being a Prime member, having an Amazon device can help me get the most of my membership. In the future, you may see me ending up with two completely different smart homes in the same room.


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