Facebook Employees Were Found to Have Left 5-Star Reviews on Amazon For Facebook's Portal Devices

Facebook announced their new video-chat device Portal in October, and this became the first hardware device the company has made. However, just recently, Facebook employees were spotted to have left 5-star reviews on Amazon for the Portal devices.

The new device had already faced numerous controversial topics such as when Facebook confirmed that it could collect data about owners of the Portal device to target advertisements to people. The camera has also sparked privacy concerns and whether Facebook is peeking into your personal space when not being used. Some other negative aspects of the Portal devices may also be the price and how video calling is mainly the only thing it's good for. Business Insider says that The New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose pointed out that reviews of the Portal devices on Amazon had the same names of Facebook employees.

Overall, I think that this is a clear sign of some struggles going on with the Portal devices. Facebook says that the company did not organize these reviews, but the fact that employees are fakely reviewing the product calls for some questions. This discovery may even negatively affect the Portal's future performance, and it's definitely something the media will debate about.


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