Farlands Nuclear Accident Shocks Nations

Disaster Strikes

For many GU citizens and Farlanders, a nuclear explosion was heard this morning when Edward the Potato was handling the old Farland nuclear facilities with no idea that all nuclear work had been paused, a wrong button pushed as well as a wrong lever caused a catastrophe destroying many Native Farlander villages. The FFA government has blocked all flights to the Farlands. All Farlanders are being evacuated to an island off the coast of the GU. Edward was later found injured and is now being cared for at the island. An FFA Spokesperson told FFA Times that, "Edward will be sentenced to court along with some of his co-workers because of this incident. They are expected to get the death sentence or life in jail." FFA workers as well as GU workers are helping clean up the nuclear radiation with a budget of N2000000. However, the FFA Government expects that millions more will be needed to fully denuclearize the territory. Officials say that nuclear radiation may get into the ocean killing turtles and other sea animals. This could also poison GU's drinking water. Worse, the GU coast line will be expecting high tides with potential minor flooding due to the power to the nuclear explosion. The incident is expected to cost FFA taxpayers N1000000000. More on this story will be available once the FFA releases more information.


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