FFA Begins Work On New City Outside Civilization and Uganda Border

The FFA released this picture early Friday morning.

The FFA has just announced that they will be building a new city outside the borders of Apple and Former Tremetata. Officials say that this city will house up to 1.7 million people. However, experts say that even more could be housed in the new city if high-rise residences are built. The construction is exciting and FFA citizens as well as tourists can't wait to be some of the first to visit the new city when it opens up. Construction of the city has began to block highways, forcing FFA citizens to reroute their drive. The city is expected to have a train station and airport, as well as corporate offices and high-rise residences. Companies such as Bapple may also station production offices there and maybe even a headquarters. The city is also expected to have up to 16 new TastyFoods restraunts serving great food for the 1.7 million expected to live there as well as tourists visiting the huge city.


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