FFA Patrol Ships' Names Have Been Released

The names of the FFA Patrol Ships to patrol surrounding FFA waters, mainly the Turtle River, have been released by the FFA government today. The names are as follows:

S.S. El Dor - Patrolling the West Side of the Turtle River and surrounding canals.

F.F. Freedom - Patrolling the East Side of the Turtle River and surrounding canals.

U.N. Console - Console ship with government work in varying locations. Contains heavy assets on board that are armed. Said to have have a missile launcher on board.

F.A.N. Discovery - Patrolling around Farlands, wanders off to look for new land.

F.F.A Waver - Patrols coastal cities and towns in the GU and TL, and usually seen near the entrance to the Turtle River.

F.C. Champion - Patrols near GU and Farlands.

F.A.N.A Patroler - Patrols around Madonna. Whereabouts and purpose are unknown.


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