FFA Starts Building New Ship Port in Farlands in an Attempt to Restore Their Economy

In an effort to restore the Farlands' economy, which has slowly been decreasing overtime, the FFA has decided that they would begin construction on an international ship port in the Farlands. The port is being built off the coast of Manhaka, a small native tribe that has been in the Farlands for years. Some people say that the FFA is planning to build a new city near this port, but this has not yet been proved by the FFA. The ship port is being advertised as a place to stop for small cargo ships moving back and forth between Madonna and the Mainland. The FFA will provide fuel for these ships which the ships have to purchase. This fuel income is expected to reach about $13,000 each day. The FFA said that this new port would help small cargo ships refuel easily. This port may soon also help the Farlands if a city is built, bringing goods for everyday citizens living in the city. This port will now allow the FFA to have 3 ports in total, including the Forther City International Port and the Parapent International Port. Some other ports that are commercial ports include the Ambaka Commercial Port. However, there are some commercial or cargo ports planning to be built in either one of the new cities that are currently being constructed. Some other commercial ports in different countries where you can then take a train into the FFA is the Firsburg City Commercial Port, the Leaf Village Commercial Port, and possibly the Apple Commercial Port. The port's construction is expected to be completed in 3 months.


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