FFA Universalis III: A New Beginning

After the downfalls of both the original FFA Game and Civilization game, a new beginning is starting with a hopeful future. It's called FFA Universalis III, and it's a improved game with new tactics and playing techniques. It's meant to be a more realistic counterpart to the other games, and the rules of it make it so. First off, players of the new game will start in a world filled with lakes, forests, mountains, deserts, beaches, and more. They choose a place anywhere on the map and own a small piece of land there. From there on, the game is played! Invasions have had significant changes. First off, depending on how likely you are to invade another country, a random number selector will be set from 1-(number), and the invader will choose a number. If the numbers on both the selector and the invader's choice are the same, an invasion will be possible. This new randomized system is set to allow the game to be played "fairly" to all playing. Second, time is the same as the first FFA Game; a real week correlates to one month. Advancements in your country should be logical. Invasions and advancements will have time limits to how often they can happen. All countries starting from small beginnings is a fair way to play the game, and more unions can also be formed. The game does start in the Iron Age, so towns are quite small with only some fundamental technological advances. Taking unclaimed land will have time limits and reasons for wanting unclaimed land! After all, it is rude to take away the homes of many tribes that don't live in your civilization. People who play the game must be in the game's Hangout group and have country names as well as flags.

We look forward to seeing anyone playing there!


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