First Snow in the FFA Brings Cheer to Many, but Sadness to Many More

Photo by Jessica Fadel on Unsplash

FFA citizens in Forther City, Ambaka, and Kensington were in for a surprise Wednesday when snow began to fall unexpectedly from the sky. Meteorologists didn't expect any snow and not 5 inches of it which is what fell yesterday. Many people are calling this "a gift from Mother Nature" while others are saying that it's "a present from hell." This was the first snow of the late year, and many people, especially children, were thrilled. Parks were covered in snow, and people snowboarding, sledding, snowball fighting, and even skiing were seen all over. However, it's the opposite feelings for others. Cars were seen sliding on the roads last night in Kensington, and this morning, snow had to be cleared from vehicles. People were straining their backs clearing their driveways too. There have also been five reports of people sliding on ice. The first late year snow in the FFA was a big one and was indeed unexpected. This might as well be a warning for the future winter, and we might expect more snow to come.


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