Grand Union Creates Commonwealth Of Nations (CON)

Image Of Commonwealth Of Nations Flag

Today the GU created the Commonwealth Of Nations (CON). The Commonwealth of Nations is a union to shape world problems kind of like the UN right? Yes And No. Yes because it tries to solve world problems, but no, because unlike the UN everyone in CON has somewhat of the same political views. Everyone in CON is democratic because you can agree on more stuff in the world. In a UN study, five countries in Madonna voted that empires are good supposed to the CON study 0 states voted that empires were good. Even though it was ruled that empires were terrible due to the majority in the UN meeting, in the future, this can change. Today the GU prime minister Harrison Millner said today, "Commonwealth Of Nations (CON) is a better alternative to the UN since the United Nations is falling slowly." But the Grand Union also said that "We should always still use the United Nations is a great thing, but we need to improve peace and stop more problems being repeated that why the Commonwealth Of Nations is required. CON will also host the Commonwealth Games (CG), the next Commonwealth Games are expected to be hosted in January (Real Time). Right now there are two countries in The Commonwealth Of Nations, Grand Union, and Dragonia. The FFA applied, but due to failing the survey they denied the application.


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