Grand Union Midterm Elections!

Photo by Aron Van de Pol on Unsplash

Today was the Grand Union Midterm elections. For the Head Of House of Representatives and Parliament was Margaret Thatcher vs. David Cameron. David Cameron dominating voters in Silverbeach, New South Wales, and Warsaw. But Margret Thatcher dominated the competition by getting voters from all the Grand Union colonies, Port Egmont, Port Louis, Port Stanley, Port Stern, and Chaska. This is not the first time Margaret Thatcher has been in charge. She has been re-elected this year. Thatcher has been nicknamed the "Iron Lady," because she is tough and working with the Grand Union Prime Minister Harrison Millner to help the Grand Union. Harrison Millner said today, "Margaret Thatcher will help the Grand Union and the Colonies." Also, the overall Grand Union budget has increased, so the Grand Union Military is now at 5,000,000 military personnel twice as many as any country. The Public Safety, Public Transportation, etc. budget are now on the rise.


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