Hong Kong Builds a New High-speed Railway

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, the Chinese government built a new railway system, costing about ten billion dollars worth to make. The railway connects to various cities, such as Guangzhou. Currently, it is the most extensive high-speed rail on earth. Instead of taking a two hour trip to Shanghai or Beijing, it is cut down to about 47 minutes. These bullet trains that can travel to about 99 mph (160 kph), faster than a standard car. More than 80,000 people use this railway per day. If this rate is consistent, it will total to approximately 29,200,000 passengers annually.

However, there is a controversy over this railway construction. For one reason, critics say that Hong Kong already has a railway transit linking to China and this project was too pricey because of its 30% price increase. It's also entirely under Chinese control. It's the first time China would have direct manipulation over this new railway, ever since it ceded to the British in 1841.


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