How to Save a Bit of Money When Shopping on GoDaddy

Photo by from Pexels

So let's say you want to buy a website domain. Where do you go? GoDaddy of course. It's the best place to purchase a domain. And it's pretty easy to do. Usually for starters, the price will be pretty low. However, there's a way to get an even lower price. Here's how:

First, add your GoDaddy items to your cart. It could be anything you want, but make sure that it's in your cart. And also, if you're ordering multiple items, only add one of them to your cart.

Next, sign in or or to your account. Sign into your account or make an account with them so that you can buy what you need.

Finally, exit the website and wait. Within a few hours or maybe a day or so, you'll get an email asking you to check out and they'll also give you a 20% off coupon code. There you have it. Just by waiting a bit you get 20% your order. However, there's more. If you wait long enough, you'll get an email asking you to checkout and that they'll give you 30% off any new items. Now, add any additional items that you may need and you'll be saving 30% off your purchase. Now that's smart.


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