I Dropped the iPhone 11 One Day After It Released

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Image from apple.com

From now on, I'll start treating this website less as a news website. Instead, I'll be sharing experiences and my thoughts only. As you see by the title, I dropped the iPhone 11 one day after it was released. On September 21st, 2019, I was browsing through my local mall when I passed the Apple store. It was incredibly crowded in there, and I noticed more employees than I had ever seen. I wondered why there were so many people, and then it struck me. Just a day ago, the iPhone 11 had been released. Despite all my hate for Apple, I was still curious to see what was being offered. So, I strode on in and took a look. First I tried out the iPhone 11 Pro Max (a horrible name). The design was honestly a bit bad, but the matte finish was lovely. The display felt smooth but not fast. However, that has to do with iOS. I liked the cameras too, and apps loaded up fast enough. Update: A day later after this happened, the iPhone XS has beaten the iPhone 11 Pro in a speed test! Check it out here! After checking out the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I went on to check out the iPhone 11 Pro. Everything seemed the same except for the size of the screen. For me, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is just too big. I prefer an iPhone 11 Pro sized phone or even something as small as the iPhone 5. Big phones have taken over the market too much, and most of us are buying phones too big. After briefly looking over the iPhone 11 Pro, I went on to the last new iPhone of this year, the iPhone 11. This is the phone most people will buy, and the cameras seemed to be good. The screen was decent, but you can't compare it to the Pro models. I was texting to a friend about the new iPhone in my right hand while holding the iPhone 11 in my left hand. Suddenly, the phone fell. At that point, my adrenaline was pumping as I frantically tried to grab the phone, but it was too late. The phone dropped, and some people around me saw that also. But my the weight on my heart lifted as I realized the security wire attached to the back of the phone prevented the phone from fully reaching the ground. I quickly put the phone back on the table and left the store. Hopefully, I never get that close to breaking a phone that isn't mine ever again.


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