I Hate Customer Service, But Not All Aspects of It

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

I've had customer service issues with two companies lately. First is the worst, probably, Lipsi. That "popular" anonymous messaging app. In their website or app, there is no way to delete your account. The reason I want to delete my account is that I used the app for a day, then didn't like it from that point on. I didn't find a use for it. To ensure that Lipsi would stop having my data on their hands, I requested to delete my account using the usual steps of sending an email to them. What happened was... (Drumroll please)... nothing. Nothing. Never a response or even one of those automated messages saying they've received your email. That sucks big time, and now some company I don't also like has my info. I've found no solutions for this at all. Second, Lifeboat. It's that bland Minecraft server company, and I've been trying to contact them to resolve an issue. So far, they got back with some replies, basically telling me to do the same thing over and over to give them information to supposedly "resolve" my problem (P.S., I won't be going into this problem too much). Now, no more responses. It's shameful of companies to stab their users or customers in the back.

There are, however, some excellent customer service experiences I've had. With Amazon, they've resolved late packages within an hour. Grammarly has also fixed unnecessary charges on my account with just an email. Companies like this that hold accountability are the best. That's why I've been staying loyal to them.

My message is for companies out there to help out their users/customers and do what they would like. Of course, nothing absurd such as giving them $100 but keep them satisfied and loyal. There are consequences if they don't.

This was a short, informal article I wrote to express opinion. Please do not think this article of being credible.


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