Is Microsoft Edge Better Than Chrome?

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Photo by Deepanker Verma from Pexels

Is Edge better than Chrome? A year or two ago, most would've said NO! But now, Edge seems to have made a slight comeback. People have been talking about it ever since Mircosoft announced that it would base Edge off of Google's open-source Chromium. This has many advantages from frequent updates to having access to more extensions as well as allowing sites to function on Edge. To see if Microsoft's Chromium Edge (which is currently in beta) is worth switching over from Chrome, I downloaded the beta and gave it a try. First off, I could tell that Edge is a lot lighter than Chrome. Chrome takes up lots of RAM, supplies CPUs a workout, and can slow down other programs in the background if you are running any. This itself is already a reason why I was tempted to switch over to Edge. Another advantage I see is the integration with Windows, the most used desktop software in the world. Edge has so many more features from highlighting to Collections, which is a feature that allows you to save webpages in a particular category. It's a lot easier to use than Chrome's bookmarking a page and adding it into a folder. It's also better, as it shows more details about the sites such as with images. "Read Aloud" is another one of my favorite features, and it works well. Imagine just opening up an article and having it read to you. Any article! But, there is one thing I see Edge lacking, and that is the lack of extensions. But with Chromium, Edge should be able to support all of the current Chrome extensions, and hopefully, in the future, we'll see that. It's too bad Edge doesn't have the all of the extensions I use daily. Overall, Edge is impressive, and I'd say it's about better than Chrome. It hurts me a lot to say this as a major Google fan, but in the end, pretty much everything for Edge seems to dwarf what Chrome's offering.


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