Is the GU Getting TOO Powerful?

Recently, the GU has been making some fantastic accomplishments. With the most prominent military force in the world as well as the largest, the GU's strength is worth noting. However, ever since the Eastern Farlands Acquisition of 2021, the FFA Government has been wondering if the GU is obtaining too much power. A week after the Eastern Farlands acquisition, the GU asked to purchase the Western Farlands as well. However, the FFA declined this offer. As the GU rises with the creation of CITA, more and more projects are being held between these two countries. Despite all of this, things aren't looking down for the FFA just yet. A few days ago, the FFA made a deal with TL to fund over 100 satellites to be sent into the orbit, providing better internet connections, especially in rural areas. Government dispatches will now also be shipped faster, especially if large files need to be transferred.


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