Local News in Fort Lee - School's 2 Red Ribbon Week and Peace Week!

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About Red Ribbon Week at School #2:

Red Ribbon Week was a fantastic week at School #2! Many fun activities were done to celebrate it! In case you didn’t know, Red Ribbon Week is a week of learning the harmful effects of drugs. Students at School #2 learned a lot about what drugs can do to your body and showed their support for being Drug-Free from Monday, October 22nd to Friday, October 26th.

The first day of Red Ribbon Week on Monday, October 22nd was awesome! Red Ribbon stickers were given to PK-1 classes, and the school was decorated with Red Ribbons! Students also signed a pledge to be drug-free. However, the most memorable thing to happen on the first day of Red Ribbon Week was Red Out Day! People were encouraged to wear red to say “STOP” to drugs. The class that wore the most red would earn Homework Passes. This was a fun and encouraging way for everyone to show their stance against drugs. The next day of Red Ribbon Week, on Tuesday, worksheets were given out to Grades 2-3 so that young students would learn about the consequences of drugs. More importantly, this was a day where all people were asked to wear green! Wearing green would be a way for students to spread the message of “Don’t let drugs pollute your mind.” After an exciting day of wearing green, students wore their clothing inside out the next day. Many students on this Wednesday wore their clothing inside out to spread another message about being drug-free, this time that “Drugs turn your life inside out.” Students also wrote about ways that they can make healthy choices, creating some great engagement with the decisions they make in their lives. On Thursday, October 25th, we had our Crazy Hair Day! This created much positive feedback from students, and we saw some unique hairstyles. Staff members joined in on the fun too, with crazy hair impressing everyone. This showed everyone that School #2 is crazy about being drug-free. Finally, on the last day of Red Ribbon Week, we had another event sparking excitement in everyone. We had a Pajama Day! Everyone in the school was encouraged to come to school wearing pajamas to show off the message “Don’t be caught sleeping, say no to drugs.”

Red Ribbon Week was an entertaining and educational week! Everyone, even people outside School #2, learned about why they and others should not do drugs. We were happy that this year’s Red Ribbon Week was a great success!

About Peace Week at School #2:

Do you remember Peace Week? Peace Week is a week of respect and anti-bullying! We celebrated it here at School #2 from Monday, October 16th, to Friday, October 20th. Our school observed this special week by doing numerous things that you might remember!

On the first day of Peace Week on Monday, October 16th, we had a Peace Crossword puzzle, and if you completed it, you would be entered into a raffle to win awesome prizes! That helped to spread the word of peace to everyone. School #2 also had a Peace Poster challenge, and more prizes would be raffled off to people that created a poster to show and promote peace. Finally, students at School #2 signed “The Power of One” Respect Pledge, which students signed to pledge to the act of respect!

On the second day of Peace Week on Tuesday, October 17th, we had a Tie Dye Tuesday! Peacemakers wore Tie-dye clothing to show that they promoted peacefulness. Students in Grades 3-5 created a PEACE Recipe for how to best resolve conflicts with their peers. They brought their PEACE Recipes in on any day of the week, and raffle prizes were given out to these students! Students continued to sign “The Power of One” Respect Pledge and our Friendship Group met up at School #2!

On the third day of Peace Week on Wednesday, October 18th, we continued to show Peace through maintaining our signing of “The Power of One” Respect Pledge for everyone to sign! We also had our SADD Elections on this day, which was a fun event to allow students to choose who they want to represent the school.

On the fourth day of Peace Week on Thursday, October 19th, once again we continued our signing of “The Power of One” Respect Pledge, ensuring that everyone knew about the power of respecting someone, as well as peace! We also had a Peace Coloring contest for Grades K-1. Students learned about conflict resolution and how the choices they made could affect others. Our Friendship Group met up another time as well.

On the last day of Peace Week on Friday, October 20th, Peer Mediation training began at School #3 from 9:20 am to 2:30 pm. Here, students learned about how to help their peers resolve conflicts. This helped many students to learn the concept of peace, and they’ve been spreading it throughout School #2 ever since!

Peace Week was a fantastic week at School #2 this year! Each day of the week, we had special events to teach the idea of peace to everyone! All students learned about peace and respecting others. Contests allowed students to engage with peace first-handedly, and School #2 is undoubtedly now a peaceful place!


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