Macbook Keyboards Suck: Here's Why

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If there's one thing I hate about Macs, it would be their keyboards. First, they have a horrible layout. Nothing is more convenient than reaching your pinky down to hit the Control key at the bottom of a traditional Windows keyboard and then using another finger to press C or V for copy and paste. On a Mac, it's the command key located not in the corner, but instead a few keys to the right. You can't quickly copy or paste by reaching down with an out-of-the-way finger. Alternatively, you have to use your middle finger or ring finger or something else like that. I honestly still can't figure out how you're supposed to ergonomically copy and paste as someone who uses a Macbook almost every day. Other than those bottom keys, there's nothing else wrong, fortunately. The standard QWERTY layout is spaced well, and all keys make sense (for the most part) of where they're placed.

But something else about the Macbook keyboard has thankfully been fixed in new models: The Butterfly Keyboard. This was a total fail for Apple, who was trying to revolutionize the key once again. It offered benefits such as being thinner and having a good "feel" to it when typing. I enjoyed typing on it when I got my hands on one. However, the new design also meant it was easier for debris to get into the keyboard, causing keys to feel sticky and stop working. Apple soon announced their Keyboard Replacement Program and later switched back to the traditional scissor key mechanism.

So, what should you take away from this article? If anything, it would be that Macbooks aren't necessarily bad all the time. Instead, you can think of it as an innovation that goes wrong. While my hate for Apple has died down, I still believe Apple needs to improve in many places, and that should begin somewhere.


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