Massive 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Madonna; Countries Affected

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Photo by Amaze Yin on Unsplash

An earthquake of 7.4 magnitudes hit Madonna Wednesday, at around 5 pm in Madonna Time (MT). The quake was unsuspected, and there were no signs of an earthquake the day before until it was too late. The earthquake devastated towns and cities in Madonna, with businesses, homes, and government buildings collapsing. Deathnonia, Plutonia, and FFA Land in Madonna are the only known places that the earthquake has hit so far. Now, after a disaster, people are trying to rebuild their lives. We talked to an FFA citizen in the small town of Gretna Bay and asked about her opinion on this tragedy.

Here's what she told us:

"It's a colossal disaster. I heard that tens of people were killed here after the town hall collapsed and the businesses down the corner set on fire! Hopefully, my friends and family here are safe. I don't know where they are since the power is out, phone lines are down, and the streets are destroyed so I can't see them!"

This first-world report of this earthquake is just one of many. Companies like GuGu are now stepping in with donations, and cable and road companies are spending millions getting communication back on track. The earthquake is one of the worst recorded in the last century, with around 10 billion in damages. A record 4,000 people may have been killed, and as thousands are homeless, countries such as the FFA are putting in all the money they can to get their citizens back on track.


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