McDonald's Plan to Recreate its Fast-Food Image

Photo by Joiarib Morales Uc on Unsplash

McDonald's is planning to spend an estimated amount of $6 billion on renovations to make its 8,700 restaurants in the United States and Canada appear to be more modern. Last year, when McDonald's introduced mobile ordering, they reported a loss of half a billion guests since 2012. However, they will continue to install numerous ordering kiosks at its restaurants. Some stores will include table service, more significant areas for McCafe beverages, and digital menus both inside and in their drive-throughs. McDonald's is also starting to establish the curbside pickup, which is offered at places such as Outback Steakhouse and Applebee's.

McDonald's has been way late on all of the new technologies, so modernizing its restaurants will not get them ahead, but probably pull them close to its competitors. However, this modernization will not be cheap. The most expensive renovation McDonald's is having done is in Texas, where they are spending around $840 million. $550 million is being spent in California, $410 million in Illinois, and $400 million in Michigan. Although they are paying a considerable amount of money, McDonald's have no choice, or else they will start losing customers and money.


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