My Personal Use of the Google Home Hub

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

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Photo of Google Home Hub

I recently got a Google Home Hub for $99 on Black Friday from Target. I had it for a little more than two weeks, and I think it is cool to have the display and the Google Assistant to be combined. This smart speaker comes in chalk, charcoal, aqua, and sand. It visually shows the time and weather on the hub. You can even watch the news on Google News. It's possible to watch videos from YouTube, but I recommend not to because the YouTube videos on the Hub only displays the recommended videos you have on YouTube. The Google Home Hub can show photos from Google Photos. It can also display abstract drawings, or if you want it plain, the Google Home Hub can add just the time and weather. The Hub can also set reminders. For example, you can ask "Hey Google, set a reminder to visit the dentist at 4:30 P.M." and it will set it for you.

It's very light, and its display is thin. It is a tad bigger than an iPhone XS Max except for one thing; it has a full range speaker in the back of the screen. On the center white outline is an ambient sensor (not a camera). It has a seven-inch screen. The hub adapts to the surroundings of the environment. For example, if you're sleeping and the Google Home Hub is right next to you, Google knows to dim the screen. If you didn't know, there's also more versions of the Google Home, like the Google Home Mini, the standard Google Home, and the Google Home Max. They all can play music, make hands-free calls, and give answers for any moment. All of the Google Home family can play Netflix only any TV that has built-in Google Chromecast or any TV that has it plugged in. If you have a busy schedule or need solutions for a particular subject, or want to listen to music, I recommend you to buy this smart speaker.


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