New Country is Formed in Madonna Territory

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

What is it called? Why didn't we know about it before? How was it created?

Jupplan Neperney has traveled all the way to this new country, called Plutonia. He has found out that Plutonia includes many unique cities including Charon, Nyx, Styx, and Kerberos. Recently, Plutonia Prime Minister Pluto Planets has declared Charon the capital city. He has announced there will be a state of the art museum (further details yet to be announced), a High Court, and the Astrologers' House.

Plutonia was created in Maddona on Friday, and much has been going on there. Part of Plutonia rests on the famous bay, but the primary resource found in Plutonia is metal. Recently, Plutonia has been welcomed into the Commonwealth of Nations(CON) after passing a brief survey.

The currency of Plutonia has also been established: Pluros and Chards(One Pluro is equal to 5 US dollars, and one Chard is similar to 5 US cents).

Plutonia's construction crews have been on the road, building complexes for Turtlandia's citizens in case of a major evacuation, which they hope will never happen. They have also started digging substantial underground shelters for extra protection. The future of this new country is waiting to be uncovered soon!


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