New Factrem Is Created During the Iron Age, Plans for the Town Are Released

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

As the FFA Universalis III game goes into action, the newly founded town during the Iron Age (image not representative of the actual town during the period) called New Factrem has been created, and citizens of the town are unbeknownst of the outside world. The king over the town has just declared plans to ensure a thriving village. First off, mining is getting to be significant. A colossal mining site has been set up on the outskirts of the town and is currently being used to gather stone and copper for tools. Even though New Factrem has the technology to smelt iron for use by citizens, it is an expensive process, so few tools are being made out of iron. The king is also getting into the New Factrem housing market, by constructing many houses in the town that will not be going up for sale until a few months. As the New Factrem housing market prices increase, the king believes that this is a worthwhile investment.

New Factrem flag.


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