Nitro Type - The Addictive, Competitive Racing/Typing Game

Photo of Nitro Type

Nitro Type is the perfect game for typing improving your wpm (words per minute). The founders of created this educational, kid-friendly typing website. It's if you want to sharpen your typing skills. You can invite your friends to races and compete against them. There are a variety of cars you can select from, but you have to earn them by leveling up (which means more racing) and increase the increment of your cash. Usually, the amount of money you get after you finish a race is from $1760 to $2600. Also, you get around 1,000 XP to 1,100 XP. XP is what makes you level up more. On a special event or holiday, you get up to 50% more cash and 50% more XP which means roughly $3,300 to $3,700 and around 1,650 XP. When Nitro Type has like a game going on, like the XMAXX 2018, numerous people are online. There are usually 3-6 cars that you can earn, like the latest car: The Silent Knight. Lots of achievements can be collected, like more cash, cars, and titles. For example, titles can say "Unstoppable" or "Millionaire" depending on what action you do, like win ten races in a row or earn at least a million dollars.

On the screen shown above, there are three gas tanks adjacent side by side which are called nitros. Nitros are what allows you to skip a word while racing. When you see a long word that you don't want to type like "Tyrannosaurus" all you can do to activate that nitro is pressing the "enter" key. The maximum nitros you can consume in 1 race are 3. You can purchase them at a store for $2000 per nitro, or you can sell them for $500 each if you don't think it's necessary. If you get 1st place in a race, you will get two nitros, but you get 2nd place, you only get 1. There is also a Gold Membership. You can receive millions of cash and one gold car, The Xcelsior V12. Also, there's more cash every race, 20% more. It's also a lifetime membership, which means you pay only once starting from $9.99.

Along with all these benefits, there are some downsides, too. When you are typing, you might think it's a fun way to learn, but it doesn't improve your typing. It speeds your adrenaline and motivates you to type faster, but it's not vital in life. Overall, this is a decent typing website for kids, but I wouldn't recommend this for adults.


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