Now, You can Shop at Target With Your Google Home

Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

So, I got my Google Home at Target last year on Black Friday, when the Google Home was on sale for around $30 (correct me if I'm wrong), and you would get a $10 Target gift card too. Now after using the Google Home for quite some time, I am relatively satisfied with it. However, there was one thing that was always stuck in the back of my mind. Why can't I shop with the Google Home? With the Amazon Echo, you could easily buy anything you want from Amazon with it. However, with the Google Home, you could buy virtually nothing. Until Google Express came along. I personally do a lot of online shopping everywhere and when I heard about this new feature in a Google Home Mini email I received, I needed to test it out. So what better way to test this new feature out than by telling Google to shop for an Amazon Echo. So, I said, "Hey Google, buy an Amazon Echo." And it replied, "I found a 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot for $39.99 on Target." It turns out that it actually works! So now, I'll be buying an Amazon Echo on the Google Home. Thanks Google.


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