Top 3 Countries That You HAVE to Visit Before You Die

3. FFA

The FFA is one of the biggest countries, also the immense amount of agriculture mixed with the urban land. With some of the tallest mountains in the world, it's a breathtaking spot to enjoy nature. The FFA Wildlife Reserve contains over 500,000 acres of land, and you'll be able to find bears, birds, and more.

2. Turtlelandia

Turtlelandia has so much different wildlife and one of the best fishing spots in the world. With the Turtle River going through, it's a great spot to find hundreds of turtles swimming through the bright-blue waters. It's also a fantastic spot for boating while you enjoy the views of the sunset from the coastal beaches of small, unknown towns.

1. Grand Union

The Grand Union has one of the best food imported from all over the GU such as the Spicy Beef Curry with fresh ingredients from the Clover Islands. Also, the coastal cities are spectacular, with beaches reaching out into the distance and friendly people all around. With the world's highest GDP, it's a great place to work as well. The GU is easily the best country to visit.

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