Should You Really Eat an Apple a Day?

The popular saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" convinces many people to be eating apples frequently. But some actually believe in this saying and eat an apple each day. So the question is, should you really eat an apple a day? We'll also talk about if it'll actually keep the doctor away.

First of all, I went to find the nutrition facts of an apple and they seem to be pretty healthy. They contain about 95 calories, 25g of carbs, 4.4g of fiber, and 19g of sugar. However, these sugars aren't added and are all natural, making them a better option for sugar.

Knowing this, apples are very healthy and are a great snack but eating them every day will probably not keep the doctor away. Eating healthy doesn't mean that your risk of diseases or infections will completely go away. However, eating healthy such as eating apples can help lower the risk of these things. For example, if you are living on a perfect diet you could still get something such as lung disease from breathing in harmful air in big cities. Overall, you'll still need to get checked up at the doctor.

On the other hand, eating an apple a day will definitely give you benefits. You'll get more fiber, natural sugars, less calories, less carbs, and more. If you're up for eating an apple a day, I recommend you do.


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