Snow Storm Around the Tri-State Area

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Photo by Justin Snyder Photo on Unsplash

Right now, in mid-November, or to be exact November 15, 2018, there is about a 3-inch precipitation of snow along the North-East coast. The storm doesn't seem too lethal, but meteorologists say that it can rise to a whopping 10 inches high and it still hasn't peaked! That was Southern PA7 SE Windber, PA and Upper Strasburg, PA. How can this be, and it's only in the middle of November!

During this occasion, numerous accidents are happening. For example, a woman died in a Millersville crash with an Anne Arundel County vehicle Thursday morning, with witnesses reporting her car slid because of a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and snow. There were power outages in most of the North-Eastern states and communication was inaccessible. Strong winds may also develop along the Eastern Seaboard as the area of low pressure intensifies, with some soaring up to 50 mph possible on Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard. This storm was unexpected indeed.

For the next following Friday, in the upper north of the United States, weather forecasters predict that that region will precipitate between 8-18 inches of snow. Now, that's cresting 10 inches, but that was just a prediction. This catastrophe will most likely be genuine because the meteorologists researched and hypothesized that this would most likely occur.

To those who live in the Upper part of the U.S., I recommend you to stay indoors and ask for help when necessary. Beware this fatal disaster, or you will be in jeopardy and can risk a life. Innocent people have died or gotten injured due to these monstrous disasters, and I feel pity for them.


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