Starbucks Has Released Some New Frappuccinos for the Fall Season... in Japan

Photo by Dom J from Pexels

Starbucks is known for their Fall drinks, especially their Pumpkin Spice Latte. However, Starbucks is once again at it with their new drinks. They'll be releasing some limited-edition Halloween-themed Frappuccinos to consumers. Sadly, this is only available in Japan. The Frappuccinos are based on a Halloween Witch and Princess. The two drinks contrast greatly, making a spooky theme between good and evil.

On the Halloween Witch Frappuccino, there's red apple compote on the bottom, a milky caramel cookie drink in the middle, and chocolate sauce on top with, of course, whipped cream. The Princess Frappuccino is similar, with a red apple compote blended with milk drink and whipped cream topped with some fun edible beads. Instagram photos of these drinks are everywhere, and if only the Frappuccino is released in the U.S, we might get a taste of it. But who knows? If it's ever released within this month for some odd reason, then it'll undoubtedly cause a hype, similar to the Unicorn Frappuccino a while back. In the meantime, we can all watch Japan enjoy their drinks and let our mouths water.


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