Stop Arguing Everyone: Standardized Tests Are Good

Standardized testing is one of the most controversial topics out there. When I went on Google and searched up "standardized testing", it shows that most people hate it. However, I personally disagree.

First of all, standardized testing can allow for student improvement. Scholastic in 2016 reports standardized tests provide parents and teachers an insight into a child's progress, helping identify areas for improvement. This just shows how because of standardized testing, students are constantly improving and learning the curriculum better.

Second, standardized testing allows students to learn a diverse range of subjects. Dr. Gail Gross of the Huffington Post in 2013 finds that, “the standardized test gives an education reference point for fair and equitable education for all children in all schools student growth can be a very significant outcome of standardized tests, The standardized test is an objective and critical measure of achievement in skills, knowledge, and abilities." Dr. Gross studied this matter and concluded with this result, showing that standardized testing really is beneficial.

I could make a list with tens more of reasons, but I feel as if these two are enough to support my opinion.


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