Tasty Foods Flight #291 Hijacked

Tasty Foods recently created a successful airline with flights going to all nations. the main thing that's dragging customers onto these planes is the fact that Tasty Foods serves food from their real menus, making the flight quite a tasty experience. However, many mourned when Flight #291 went down this morning supposedly went down because of a hijacking. The plane left the FFA bound towards the Clover Islands when the pilot reported distress. Then, sailors a few miles off of the coast of Turtlelandia claimed to have seen a plane plunging out of the sky and into the ocean. An hour later, coast guards arrived and helped survivors off the plane and back onto the mainland. A total of 187 people died, 4 being pilots. Unfortunately, Pilot Tasty Jam and Co-Pilot Foods Bam both did not make it. The wreckage has yet to be cleaned up.


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