The #1 Bulletin/Cork Board YOU Need on Amazon

Picture of Quartet bulletin/cork board on Amazon.
If you're in need of a small bulletin board to keep organized, this is the one you need to buy. Earlier this month, I was in need to a bulletin board for work purposes. I needed something to hang up my calendars, paperwork, and personal documents. I thought a bulletin board would be right for the job, and as always, I got on Amazon to find a good bulletin board to purchase. I found the "Quartet Dry Erase Board / Cork Board, Magnetic, 17' x 23'" at only $8. It seemed like a decent buy, but since I didn't want to wait for an Amazon package to arrive despite having Prime, I headed over to Staples. The store was great, and there were friendly employees. It seemed like this was a great place to purchase a cheap bulletin board and leave quickly. But when I looked at the prices of their bulletin boards, they were almost twice as expensive as Amazon. I promptly took out my phone, and when I looked at the search results in the app, the same product that was at Staples for $16 was only $8 on Amazon as I confirmed. So, I left the store and bought the Quartet bulletin board off Amazon for what I believed to be a steal. Two days later, it showed up at my doorstep and here's what I think of it after using it for around two weeks.1. It's great for regular use.If you're looking for a board that can fit tens of work documents and can hang your calendars, family photos and more, this board is not for you. It's a relatively small bulletin board, but if you're using it lightly, then it'll be fine. For size comparison, the board is probably as big as two lunch trays combined. You might also not be looking for a bulletin board with a dry-erase side. Well, the dry-erase surface is magnetic, so you'll also be able to hang your papers on there. Also, the dry-erase side is perfect for jotting down small notes from time to time. Besides, there's 3M tape included for hanging, making it simple to put up.2. Free things galore.This Quartet bulletin board is already a must-have steal at $8, but there's even enough room in the price to throw in some free stuff. With the bulletin board, you'll get a dry-erase marker and two magnets when you purchase the bulletin board. Best of all, these things work. The magnets have been sticking perfectly, and the marker has been working just fine. That was something that I didn't expect at only $8. There's also a built-in holder for the dry-erase marker, so you don't have to worry about losing it. With these included amenities, you don't have to worry about buying something to jot down notes with or purchasing magnets to stick your papers to the whiteboard side. My only complaint is that I wish it came with push pins since that would save me some time not having to go out to the dollar store to get some. But this really shouldn't be a deal-breaker at this price, considering that most expensive bulletin boards don't come with any free things.3. Works perfectly!This might be a bit repetitive, but I can't get over how beautiful this thing works. The pins push nicely into the cork despite some Amazon reviews saying that their push pins went through the back of the board. The magnets stick well as I said before, and the whiteboard erases just fine. The cork is one of the best I've seen since the pins inside of it almost never get loose and fall off, as I've seen with other bulletin boards. Overall, this is a must-have product for everyone. Amazon offers some fantastic products at meager prices, and you should take advantage of it while you can.

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